“Before boarding the train back to your original starting point, savor one last glass of wine in Monterosso. Head to Enoteca da Eliseo. If hospitality were a competition, Eliseo and his wife Maria would surely claim the title. Bustling with locals and tourists, this hidden gem is perfect for purchasing bottles to bring back and cellar at home. Maria and Eliseo generously provide their knowledge, offering tastes and backstories to lead you to your perfect bottle. Aside from nuts and olives to accompany your wine, no food is served at this quaint little spot, so be sure not to arrive on an empty stomach. A glass of Brunello di Montalcino will run you a mere seven euros, so grab a glass and savor the dream streets of Monterosso one last time before your return to reality.”

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Your Travel Guide To Two Magical Days in Cinque Terre, Italy